Migrate WordPress Website - A Step By Step Guide


As a website owner, there might come a time when you will need to move your website to a new host or a different server. Yes, there will be a fear of having downtime or data loss if the right tool is not used. Both of these can make your website unavailable to the users as well as affect the search engine ranking of your website.

In this article, we will discuss a step by step guide to show how you can migrate the website using a WordPress plugin. The plugin that we will use for this purpose is All in One Migration. It is a free WordPress plugin that allows you to backup all the data of your website and easily transfer it to another hosting or server.

With that being said, let’s get this tutorial started:

Step 1: 

All In Migration: Best WordPress Migration Plugin

Install and activate All in One Migration WordPress plugin on your website.

Step 2:

Upon activation, you will see “All in One Migration” on the left menu of your dashboard. Click on it to continue.

Migrate WordPress: Export

Step 3:

You will land to the Export page where you can export the data of your website. 

Migrate WordPress: Export Page

Hover over the “Export To –” and select the file option.

Step 4:

A popup will appear that will archive your file. Once it is completed, click on the bottom of the popup to download the file.

Download Archive

Step 5: 

Now, go to your new website and repeat Step 1 to install All in One Migration plugin.

Step 6:

Go to All-In-One Migration > Import to transfer the old data to your new website.

Migrate WordPress: Import From

Step 7:

Drag and Drop the downloaded file to start the import.

Migrate WordPress: Import

Step 8:

Once your file is imported, click to proceed to continue.


Step 9:

You will receive a confirmation message to successfully importing all the data from your old website to your new website. Log Out of your dashboard and login in back.

Migrate WordPress: Import Success

Step 10:

Go to Settings >> Permalinks and click on Save changes to save your permalink.



In this way, you can safely migrate your WordPress website from one hosting to another. If you have any queries regarding the tutorial, feel free to write us on the comment box below.

written by Sam

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