Best Website Builder for WordPress

Plugin Comparison

In this article we will compare the best website builder available for WordPress. These site builder plugins will allow you to build any type of WordPress powered website without having to having any type of coding skills. 

Here, we will provide a brief description of each of the website builder along with its key features. Then, we will go through its pricings, pros and cons. This will help you choose the most suitable one to create your own fully functional WordPress website. So, if you are a layman or a non technical user who want to startup your online business using WordPress, this is the article for you. 

Best Website Builder for WordPress

Visual Composer

Visual Composer: Best Website Builder for WordPress

Visual Composer is a popular WordPress page builder plugin with over 2 million active users. It comes with an intuitive interface and drag and drop functionality to easily curve the pages of your website in no time. The plugin comes with 50+ ready to use content elements and professionally designed templates to choose the visually appealing layout for your website. Moreover, you can extend the plugin using any of the 500+ addons and extensions available.

Key Features of Visual Composer:

  • Intuitive Drag and Drop Interface
  • 50+ Inbuilt Page Content Components 
  • Highly Extendable
  • Frontend Page Editor
  • 60+ Predesigned Templates
  • Compatible with qTranslate, mqTranslate and WPML


You can download the lite version of the plugin for free. It contains all the basic features required to create a fully functioning website.

If you are looking for advanced features, you can upgrade Visual Composer to its premium version. It has 3 different pricing plans. They are:

Visual Composer Pricing


  • Clean and Modern Interface
  • Ability to Save Elements Presets and Rows and Columns
  • Over 200+ third-party Addons
  • Affordable Pricing for Personal, One Site Use


  • Complex / Confusing Design for Newbies
  • No Undo Button to Undo Editing

Download Visual Composer  Purchase Visual Composer

Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder: Best Website Builder for WordPress

Beaver Builder is an advanced visual editor plugin for WordPress website. It supports drag and drop interface with frontend editing of any pages or posts. It comes with a set of inbuilt templates suitable for various pages including landing page, service page, about us page and many more. Moreover, the plugin is highly extendable with various modules available for expanding the features and functionality.

Key Features of Beaver Builder:

  • Full Drag and Drop Functionality
  • Frontend Editing
  • Capable with MultiSIte
  • Set of Modules with Inbuilt Contents
  • Builtin templates for Various Page
  • Compatible with Popular Plugins like WooCommerce, WPML


The lite version of the plugin is available at the official repository.

While the premium version of the plugin is available at 3 different pricing plans:

Beaver Builder Pricing


  • Beginner Friendly Interface
  • Decent Library of Page Template
  • Ability to Save Templates for Later Reuse
  • Exporting and Importing of Modules for Global Uses


  • Limited Module Library
  • Limited Design Flexibility
  • Constant Loading with Every Section

Download Beaver Builder Lite Purchase Beaver Builder


Elementor: Best Website Builder for WordPress

Elementor is an advanced website builder for WordPress. It comes with drag and drop interface to easily create pages, forms, posts, slides, popups, etc in no time. The plugin contains over 300+ full-page templates and 50+ widgets to curve an attractive and highly engaging website without having to touch any codes. Additionally, the plugin also comes with custom fonts and adobe toolkits to easily select the required typography.

Key Features of Elementor:

  • 300+ Pro Templates and 50+ Pro Widgets
  • Custom Fonts and Adobe Toolkit
  • Motion Effects and Mouse Effects
  • Slides and Carousel
  • Scrolling Effects
  • Animated Headlines


You can download the free version of the plugin from

The plugin has 3 different pro pricing plans. They are:

Elementor Pricing


  • Great User Interface
  • Live Front End Page Editor
  • Global Widgets 
  • Extremely Customizable
  • Extensive Mobile Responsive Options


  • Global vs Static Templates can be Confusing
  • Lacks Some Marketing Oriented Features

Download Elementor  Purchase Elementor Pro

King Composer

King Composer: Best Website Builder for WordPress

King Composer is free WordPress drag and drop page builder plugin. It comes with real-time and instant process with an option to preview all the editings and changes made. Also, the plugin contains a professional backend editor with complete top notch features and intuitive UI. You can this plugin to create a perfect website in no time without having to touch any codes.

Key Features of King Composer:

  • Frontend and Backend Editor
  • Live CSS, Inspector and Responsive System with Realtime Preview
  • Install Online Section Presets
  • Offline Section Presets
  • Supports to Convert Any Existing Element to Frontend Usability
  • White Labelling


The free version plugin is available at

The premium version of the plugin is available at 4 different pricing plans:

King Composer Pricing


  • Intuitive Interface
  • Option to Edit in Real Time
  • Online and Offline Section Preset Option
  • Full Access to Developer Forum, Documents, Video Tutorials and Artcile Tutorials


  • Complicated Setting Compared to Other Page Builders

Download King Composer  Get King Composer Pro


SiteOrigin: Best Website Builder for WordPress

SiteOrigin is a free WordPress page builder plugin to create responsive column based contents. It comes with intuitive interface and is easy to learn. The plugin works with standard WordPress widgets to help you curve beautiful and engaging pages for your WordPress website. Also, the plugin has widget bundle extension to give you access to all the common widgets.

Key Features:

  • Intuitive Drag and Drop Interface
  • Live Editing
  • Row and Widget Styles
  • History Browser to Go Through Changes
  • Widget Bundle Extension
  • Translation Ready


The plugin is free and is available at


  • Completely Free to Download and Use
  • Contains History Browser to View Editing


  • Plain User Interface
  • Widget Bundle needs to be Installed Separately

Download SiteOrigin

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